Tinkering away in his bedroom studio, songwriter/producer Gabe Mouer aka Patternist, has lofty ambitions; package nuanced human stories into concise, three minute pop songs. This meticulous attention to detail augments the DIY ethos exemplified by his debut LP, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here, out Sept 6th via InVogue Records. Flowing from armchair philosophy to troubled ruminations on mental illness, to stories of drug-addled hallucinations and the brevity of life, Mouer’s introspective lyrical stylings contrast the slick guitars, rhythmic synths, & infectious beats that make up the LP’s 35-minute runtime. Dubbed “blithe bedroom pop” by Idolator, Patternist has been releasing songs since 2015 beginning with his self-produced EP Youth is Fading. The EP, which spent several weeks atop CMJ’s Top 200, was quickly followed by a string of singles garnering support from outlets such as The Huffington Post, PopMatters, and Idolator, in addition to several Spotify-curated playlists including Fresh Finds, Indie Rock All-stars, and Discover the Unknown. After a year of touring, with sold out dates across the US with artists like Vinyl Theatre, Finish Ticket, Flor, & The Griswolds, Patternist released his followup EP, Give It Up, its title track appearing on Spotify’s US Viral Hits. Coming off the polished, commercial production of Give It Up, Gabe decided to shirk conventional wisdom and make a record aimed not at a mass audience, but at people more like himself— a little lost, full of doubt and anxiety, and simply hoping to make peace with not having the answers. The product of those efforts is Patternist’s debut LP, written, recorded, produced, performed and mixed by Mouer. While the songwriter admits that he can’t predict what the future will bring for Patternist, he muses “As long as people are interested, I’ll keep making records.” 



"‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here’ combines the spirited, upbeat vibes of ultra-modern synth-pop with the emotion and wistful poeticism from the height of neon emo. The record feels novel, familiar without being too much of a throwback."   – Substream Magazine

"Kids today need an artist that helps them feel not so alone in their confusion, depression […] broken hearts, self-esteem issues, etc. ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here’ is that album and Patternist is that artist.”   All Ages Zine

"...Patternist taps right into the very core of gorgeous, sonic dramatic
 – Baeble

"'Give It Up' is a pristine synth-pop tune. So much so that it's
hard to believe the Portland artist's latest was recorded entirely
in his apartment. It's an irresistible song..."
– All Things Go

"Graceful vocals alongside a delicate blue mist of synths and
guitars -- it's like The 1975 but good."
– Idolator

"...shamelessly wide-eyed. Irresistibly so." – PopMatters

"...an upbeat romantic slice of synth-pop that you want to hear
about halfway into your night out on the town, just as the buzz
hits the brain...Mouer has a good sense of how to arrange a
tune and promises to be a pop phenomenon."
– Portland Tribune

"All of the elements that have made these bands household names
are there; the joyous overtones, the breezy guitar riffs &
juvenile-yet-smart lyrics scream monster hit. The influences are
clear, but Patternist is no carbon copy." 
– Trendio

Photo Credit: Ashton McKenzie


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-National Support for Andres (Fall 2019)

-Co Headline w/ Telehope (Summer 2019)

-Co package w/ Hate Drugs + Jet Black Alley Cat (Summer 2019)

-Co Headline w/ DBMK (Spring 2019)

-East Coast / Southern US Headline (Fall 2018)

-National Co Headline w/ The Stolen (Spring 2018)

-Regional support for The Stolen & MILKK (Winter 2018)

-Regional support for Armors & Smoke Season (Fall 2017)

-National support for Call Me Karizma (Spring 2017)

-Regional support for Vinyl Theatre (Winter 2017)

-Regional support for Finish Ticket (Winter 2016)